New Beginnings Program Testimonies

We Celebrate the Transformation! 

One woman at a time – women awaken.  The world benefits by her glowing beacon of Light. 

Testimonies from a few women enrolled in the New Beginnings coaching program:

I wanted to thank you for all you have given me the last 4 months.  My experience with your program has been nothing but enjoyable, enlightening and exhilarating!  With your guidance and support, I am on a wonderful journey to find clarity, understanding, and abundance in all aspects of my life.  The struggles with money and relationships are lessening, and fear has turned to excitement.  I know I can handle whatever comes my way, and I do not have to be afraid of the what if’s.  I still have a long way to go on this journey, but I am geared up and ready for the hike!  I continue to utilize the tools you shared with me, for without them, I could easily revert back to the fear and frustration I felt not so long ago.  Holly F.

When I first met Pat about 3 years ago I just connected. I needed one-to-one in-depth coaching, I was a mess inside. I have been on anti-depressants for over 40 years and have been up and down. I knew I needed to do her program because I needed to grow. It’s changed my life and brought joy to me! I am experiencing who I really am now and the whole spiritual realm. There are just not enough words! Pat knows how much I just love her and I can truthfully say she saved my life! I recommend this beautiful lady!   Barb H.

This program is what I’ve been looking for.  All that stuff [that kept me stuck] was in me and was there but I couldn’t see it. She was like a headlight that shined down the path and showed me the way. It’s brought me to here, and it’s changed my life. She has helped me so much – and I am telling you guys, its worth it!  I love her!  ~Lori S

I worked with Pat on her private coaching program for one full year. I am ready to take off and fly it is so awesome. We talked about issues and wounds. I really got in touch with my wounds. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old so I realized I have wounds of abandonment. I got in touch with ME and who I am, dropping my barriers. I had a hard time with my wounds so the breath work really helped me very much. It all changed my life!  Margaret




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