What to hope for and what to expect …

There is so much love here for you!

If you could wave a magic wand, what results would you like in personal growth and fulfillment of your dreams and goals?

What is your biggest challenge in your personal life? In your relationships? In your career?

How long have you thought about finding someone who could help you explore all of these things and more?

Would it be valuable or important to you to invest time and money in yourself to get this resolved so you can move forward toward your own success and joy?

These are only a few key points women awakening have brought to my door.  It is no longer acceptable to them to live in confusion, restlessness and limiting thoughts.

Are you ready to confront what is bothering you, deep down in your gut, and get back to living a happy life again? Is your spiritual understanding, your meaning and reason for being here unclear?

When we work together, you will explore a new vision and create new goals that help you move forward.  The work we do will immediately lift the heavy feeling you have in your gut, or the fog in your brain, or put the passion back into your life. You will feel hopeful, alive and enthusiastic about your life!

Here is a sample:  Before seeing you, I was unsatisfied with my emotional and spiritual development — I also wanted to address the ‘drama’ in my life and how I was a part of that drama. I was so very apprehensive about disclosing the dark side I thought I was hiding from everyone. I’m so grateful that you gave me a safe spot to land when I opened up. I feel more aware, open, peaceful, directed, light-hearted and valued. All this is because of the nonjudgmental atmosphere that you create. Your gifts of wisdom, intuition, and genuine concern for others have been a great experience for me.  B. C.

What’s holding you back?  What has had a hold on you for many years that got you here?

Taking Action Creates Change.  “Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is to be calm no matter what happens, constantly taking action to turn it into positive growth opportunities and have faith to believe that it will all work out in the end while you are waiting.”  Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

When women feel stuck, resistant or discouraged, there are special tools I offer to provide an enlightened opening that allows for grace to enter and illuminating new insights.  There is no reason to rely on the brain, your past experiences and routine problem-solving methods to find answers. They haven’t worked so far, you are limited. The inner work you will experience is quite profound and always, always brings new awareness to anything you feel stuck about. The process helps remove fear, hesitation, and other stuck emotions that are stubborn to be revealed. This gives you the breath of fresh air you need to move forward and feel back in the driver’s seat!  This is only one tool available to you to boost you on your way.  Your sessions are customized to your needs and transformation.

Sometimes you go through stuck times and get so drained you hardly have enough left in you to find help. There is no reason to wait for that to happen. Even if you don’t know just what your options are, you are worth the investment of your time, energy and a little money to get back on your horse again and ride like you own the ranch!

If you feel it’s time to open up and step forward, contact me:  815-505-3657 or email me.

You can change your life, your relationship with yourself and discover all the things you knew were inside you. It would be an honor to guide you along this holy journey.  Changing your life begins with the first step. Take it. I was glad when I did, and you will be too!

Patricia Halverson

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