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flower-bloom-50-px When you attend one of Pat’s classes, prepare for a change. You will leave a different person because of her presence. Pat has a way of lifting you to the next level with gentle guiding and loving encouragement. She sees the best in each of her students and inspires them to reach for it. Her love of the Earth and its beauty is contagious. I would recommend that you give yourself the gift of growth and sign up for one of Pat’s classes. Sandi K

flower-bloom-50-pxEach one of Pat’s programs has offered me the opportunity to discover and recognize all of the parts of myself.  Those parts I had kept hidden, both shadow and light.  It is such a gift to have the awareness of each.  The positive influence  I would like to pass on to others is the shear joy of living a life with acceptance of all that is, and knowing we all have the ability to grow and change.  Thanks to Pat, I have discovered if it doesn’t vibrate with joy, I can change it!  ~Dee Dee C

flower-bloom-50-pxThis is what I’ve been looking for. All that stuff [that kept me stuck] was in me and was there but I couldn’t see it. She was like a headlight that shined down the path and showed me the way. It’s brought me to here, and its changed my life. She has helped me so much – and I am telling you guys, its worth it!  I love her!  ~Lori S

flower-bloom-50-pxI worked with Pat privately for 3 levels – an entire year. My boyfriend – I keep changing and things keep happening and I am ready to take off and fly. It is so awesome.  Pat talks about your issues and your wounds, and really getting in touch with your wounds.  So it is really getting in touch with me and who I am and dropping my barriers. I had a hard time dealing with my wounds – too much distraction going on.  So I went to Pat and had a breath therapy session with her. It was like sending me to another place when I did an individual breathe. Thank you Pat, you have changed my life.  ~ Margaret D

flower-bloom-50-pxI have only had 3 sessions and intakes.  My first meeting with Pat she said “you have no where else to go but in.”  And I thought ‘she nailed it.” And that just talking to her that session, I felt things correcting. I felt good again. But it was almost a healing experience just talking to her that first time. And I knew – everything she said to me that day – because I finally knew I had to listen.  I knew that this was the path I needed to take. And I’m really glad I did. And she said “you need to step outside your comfort zone, this is the time of your life to do it” – so we did, and here I am!  ~ S. L

flower-bloom-50-pxBefore seeing you, I was unsatisfied with my emotional and spiritual development—I also wanted to address the ‘drama’ in my life and how I was a part of that drama.  I was very apprehensive about disclosing my ‘dark side.’ I thought I was hiding from everyone (but of course I wasn’t). I’m so grateful that you gave me a safe spot to land when I opened up. My outcomes are still unfolding, but I find that I am easier on myself. I feel more aware, open, peaceful, directed, light-hearted and valued. All this is because of the nonjudgmental atmosphere that you create.
I have recommended your services to several people. I know and have experienced your outstanding integrity and ethics, along with your gifts of wisdom, intuition, foresight, and genuine concern for others.  ~ B. C.

flower-bloom-50-pxWhen I left our session today, after all that wonderful work we did together, I felt “what a nice break from the stresses of life!” It felt like a mini vacation from what all’s been going on in my consciousness and my immediate environment. Granted, I was a bit “full” on ideas/info/inspiration, so I was experiencing a circuit overload. But yet I felt some real refreshing ideas and perspective. So, thank you for the work we shared!  ~J. J.

flower-bloom-50-pxThese programs gave me tools – how to get back on track, making better choices, but better experiences and better people in my life too. My life literally changed because the old drama left and the new came in. I had little tolerance for the drama – I gave attention to what I wanted to create instead of what I didn’t want. Before, I got muddled in it, stuck. I hear my words come back from my children – it is nice – it is coming back through my kids, which makes me feel very proud. I have passed it on or paid it forward to the world. I am giving them something to take charge of their life.    L. B.

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