Patricia’s Story

DSCN0577ed blue shirt 2A Minnesota native, Patricia carries the roots of Midwestern culture; that of simple lifestyles, strong family values, love of the earth, and an attitude of gratitude in honoring community, diligence and hard work.

She is the proud mother of five grown sons and their wise and loving women, and 7 grandchildren, 3 boys and 4 girls. After her divorce in 1983, having been an at-home mom, she attended a local college to gain workplace skills in sales and set out to make an abundant living in the world. Job opportunities eventually led her to move to Madison, WI where she was successful in sales jobs. These were trying years with teenage sons, and challenges created a strong learning environment for the entire family.

In 1990, she moved to Rockford, IL where she was offered her first management position. One promotion led to another and after a few years, she had found herself in an executive sales management position for a very successful company. After that company was sold, she began consulting as an independent contractor. A series of job changes ensued as the beginning of ‘discontent’ began to settled in. This led to finally taking a position as Executive Director of a crisis hotline in Rockford in 2002. Since her sons were now on their own, she dove into the reformation and rebuilding of this organization.

It was the following year in September 2003 that she found a tumor in her right groin and was shocked to be informed that it was a malignant, terminal cancer. (See MY STORY) Her experience during that time was nothing more than spiritually life-changing and miraculous. The series of events that occurred during her healing process brought her to a new realization of her reason to be alive and that she had a choice to make within it. She chose to live and serve humanity in a new way. Even though she was unaware of what that meant, she stepped into a new reality in April of 2005 when she resigned from her real world position without another known job. She only knew that she had to trust her growing guidance to discover her path.

After numerous epiphanies and insights, she learned to trust the path of the unknown she was walking. She followed her heart’s desires; to know her true nature, find and revel in her uniqueness and individuality and teach others they could do the same. This enfoldment included an amazing trip to Peru, Mexico, sacred sites, studying ancient cultures and healing methods.

Inspired with the simplicity and holistic nature of ancient natural medicine, she studied and began training in natural health and healing using Mother Earth’s plant medicines, herbs and essential oils. That led her to learn more about the BodyMind connection in illness, which revealed all disease was caused by an emotional trauma in childhood (Dr. Ryke Geerd Hammer, “New German Medicine”, 1974). Also, she investigated the science behind the BodyMind connection where Dr. Pert established the biomolecular basis for our emotions (Book: Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert, 1997). She proved that the body and mind are not separate and we cannot treat one without the other. We are a living, breathing, connected being.

As Patricia began applying her psycho spiritual findings to her own nature, life and patterns, she found great insights into her life choices, patterns and thinking. She learned how valuable it would be for others in their desire for improved health and healing. During her sojourn to reconnect to her soul, she also recognized the depth of the pain, the sting of the wounds and the length of suffering that humans have endured for eons, and the toll it has taken in our world.

With great clarity, she began her next learning quest by enrolling in body-mind training, including HMR (Holographic Memory Resolution), Quantum Touch, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Defusion and finally a 5-year timeline of Breath Therapy training. As a Certified Breath Therapist, she utilizes the amazing acquired knowledge and tools from all her schooling in assisting others to find and heal their emotional wounds and destructive patterns, transform their debilitating thoughts and understand how the body suffers, manifesting illness oriented to the mind’s originating thought patterns.

Creating empowering workshops, classes and programs to educate men and women of the available natural healing ways has become paramount in her life. The stimulating and inspirational concepts, exercises and individual/group experiences accelerate the healing path, elevate the perspective of life/living, and convert stuck patterns to an evolutionary vision of happiness, peace of mind and individual magnificence. Patricia’s reconnection to intuition and spiritual guidance has provided a pathway to move closer to knowing the still voice within, the heart’s desire as is God’s desire, and a developing self-love and trust that is unfaltering. Life is for learning and experiencing. Finding Truth and walking that path is entirely fulfilling.

“Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance or a miracle. I choose to relinquish all resentments, regrets and grievances, and choose the miracle.”
~Deepak Chopra

“Beginning today, I take full responsibility for the life experience I am creating.”

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