2017 Women’s Fall Spiritual Retreat



The Art of Being a Woman

Connecting To Your Essence & Sacred Sexuality


September 22-24, 2017 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Bishop Lane Retreat Center – Rockford, Illinois

Registration is Open – You Can Reserve Your Seat


The purpose of this retreat is to elevate your appreciation of yourself as a woman. It is for those who believe that it is possible to flourish in our culture as a feminine model of unique inner beauty, intelligence, creative power, resilience, and sacred sexuality.  What if most of what you’ve been taught about being a woman – your body, your sensuality, your feminine sexual nature, power, and mindset – is all completely off the mark? 

It’s apparent in every aspect of life, the existing global cultures do not embody a supportive, respectful and informative introduction to Womanhood;

  • Where women would embody a feminine essence that both men and women would honor. 
  • Where a woman’s sexuality would be revered rather than objectified and demeaned. 
  • Where women would feel safe and confident as they are.

This retreat will be helpful to women of any age who want to live healthy and happy lives, releasing misconceptions of their own feminine nature. Many women have been denied wise mentoring needed while growing from Maiden to Mother to Crone. This devastating fact has hurt women for ages. It’s time to reconnect with the truth.

Creating change for current and coming generations is not always done by meeting something head on. Rather, it is a nurturing process through growing awareness; by meeting other women and telling stories and by recognizing what you believed was true is not true for you today. You can drop those reckless, limited identities and claim an authentic path to the freedom to be a fulfilled women of love, desire, sacredness, and power.  You can register here.


It is women’s unfinished business. This unique retreat provides an opportune time to initiate this adventure. The honoring of women’s worth and essence will inspire you and set you free. It promises a quality of liberation that will propel the rest of your life to the next level – one step at a time. Maybe for some, it will be in leaps, for others it will be baby steps.

There is no right or wrong way, no designated timeline, but rather you’ll know by listening to the calling of your own soul.


Special benefits for you throughout the weekend include:

  • Develop higher self-esteem and wisdom through personal growth and spiritual teachings 
  • Interactive discussions to raise self-awareness throughout the weekend
  • Meditations to quiet the mind and open the heart to receive love and truth
  • Unique yoga movements and body energy work to help integrate new insights and releases
  • Group breath therapy to connect to your wisdom and deepen your awareness
  • Special classes outdoors to balance your energy and connect to Mother Earth’s creative forces

Click here to register for this retreat now. It would be an honor to have you with us this September 22-24, 2017!

There is so much love here for you!


Patricia & Bobbi




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