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August 2015

Patricia Halverson, Life Coach

You may hear of the negative events, but please recognize the quantum levels of true change begins within each person. Empowered women hold a vital role in this new world emerging – where anything different from the truth cannot be sustained, but healed. What one woman does affects another woman’s choice. 
One by one a new way of being unfolds.  But it begins inside – where wisdom, truth, love and passion resides.  In your personal life,  I can help to show you how to end your negativity and doubt by reconnecting with your soul’s voice and living your most inspired, meaningful life.


You may be feeling frustrated, exhausted and confused over the complexity of your life. You may wonder how you got so stuck and what to do about it.  You may have tried therapy, going back to school or new ventures in your quest for fulfillment and happiness, and yet feel deeply entrenched in negativity or powerlessness.

So you know that you need to do something different or you will repeat it all again. Perhaps you are thinking “What do I want?” and “Where do I begin?”  

I can provide some help to ease this journey by using the right tools and powerful changes that get you back on track and getting the results you want. You can also end your negativity and doubt by reconnecting with your inner voice – so you can live your most inspired, meaningful life.

Here’s what changes everything:

  • You carry a natural, inspired awareness within to guide your every move and realize your best potential
  • When you access your inner knowing, you align with your exclusive purpose and what you are here to be and do
  • As your wise woman, heart-centered life emerges, you attune and act upon your unique sacred identity that inspires all those you touch

I can help you discover what you really want. Not only that, when you begin to unload all of the baggage and get real clear, you can open to all that you have ever wanted. Actually what is still there waiting for you to claim.

Is your soul calling you to make a good move? You can find your answer through my personal growth and life coaching program that will engage and take you far beyond what you think today. You can kick old behaviors and limited thinking down the drain and you can start living the way you want, doing what you love and becoming who you were meant to be. You can make a difference in our world.

I found Pat during a transition time in my life.  Pat held the light for me to find my way back.  I have experienced shifts in my awareness during her teachings that have changed the way I look at everything!  I am so grateful for her wise counsel.   Lisa B

When you attend one of Pat’s classes, prepare for a change. You will leave a different person because of her presence. Pat has a way of lifting you to the next level with gentle guiding and loving encouragement. She sees the best in each of her clients and inspires them to reach for it. Her love of the Earth and its beauty is contagious. I would recommend that you give yourself the gift of growth and sign up for Pat’s programs or events.   Sandi K

Contact me here to register for your complimentary consultation and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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